Hotel interior designing gives a luxurious appeal to your hotel

Who doesn’t want to live a luxurious life? A vacation spent at a hotel with luxurious appeals let you cherish a rich life. Hotels with lavish interiors and exteriors juice up the outings fulfilling one’s desire.

As we know, Dubai is the most favorite holiday destination for the people who want to spend their vacations with unforgettable peaceful moments. Not only for the vacations, but interior design company in Dubai is focused to give the business and leisure a home-like comfort and an amusing appeal.

Exotic designs and unique look surely attract people and interior design company in Dubai very well knows that. There are a few tips which will help you meet the high standards of design to give your hotel a luxurious appeal.


  •   Lobby: Lobbies are among the most widely used areas of the hotel. Sitting in the lobby and crossing the lobby takes the major time of the guests. This way lobby counts in leaving the impression of the hotel and should be designed and decorated innovatively. How well your lobby is coordinated shows the overview about the other parts of the hotel such as business halls, guest rooms, and restaurants.


  •   Rooms: The rooms of the hotel should be designed in such a way that it attracts the people of every category. These should never be confined to a particular theme as there are different kinds of people with different choices. Moreover, the designs should be updated with the trend and changed by the time so that it doesn’t remain boring. Addition to this, hotel rooms can be given a distinctive look by using heavy pattern curtains that incorporate a modern look.


  •    Carpets: The carpets play an important role in giving your hotels a lavish and rich look. There are varieties of carpet available in the market with different styles and colors. Each of the areas of the hotel can be decorated with different carpets to compliment the interior. Approach the top interior design company in Dubai as they are the professionals with having years of experience to design luxurious hotels.


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Dubai- The most significant destination of Interior design

Dubai is known for its brilliant interior design companies. This article talks about the particulars, objectives, and trends of all the top interior design companies in Dubai.


Dubai has become the travel and business hub of the Middle East in a very short period due to its unmatched growth and development. Interior design in Dubai has become popular among the tourists due to its magnificent real estate developments, such as:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Marina

The famous Palm Island is one of its architectural wonders.

Interior Designing In Dubai

Developers in Dubai pay special attention to interior designing in both cases – residential as well as commercial properties. As a result, this has led to the development and concentration of the best interior design companies in Dubai.

The amenities and extravagant interiors have made it possible for many of the infrastructural beauties of Dubai to be recognized as international trademarks.

Reason behind designing interiors

Most of the time is spent inside the buildings as compared to outside. And so, it becomes an important aspect as to take care of the interiors a bit more prominently. Our mood and creative skills are hampered if we leave our home or office dull and unorganized. Irrespective of the place, choosing a suitable interior design theme is essential to improving the quality of life. And the interior design companies in Dubai make sure that the interiors of the place, create an empowering and nurturing ambience.

Interior Design Trends in Dubai

  • People from across the globe, visit this place for different purposes, making Dubai, a cultural hub filled with different kinds of people. And so, the designers need to come up with such interior designs that are able to fulfill everyone’s wishes.
  • Dubai is one of the hottest business destinations of the world. These days the number of companies setting up their offices in Dubai is growing at an exponential rate. These companies vary in form and size – from huge MNCs to small start-ups; all make their presence felt in the country of opportunity.
  • A good interior design company in Dubai can make operative use of space, bring into consideration the lighting, furniture style and comfort of private offices versus open plan offices.
  • An excellent interior design company in Dubai will take cultural differences and business needs into regard when they are designing your workplace. They realize that you could have international clients as well, and this is why they bring to you an ethnic mix from all over the world.


Working of interior designing companies in Dubai


Earlier, two-dimensional images of the proposed architecture design were used to develop the architecture and interior designs. The initial design contained all the attributes to be utilized by the builders.

Nowadays, with the introduction of more advanced technologies, the interior design companies in Dubai also render highly realistic images in three-dimension. This architectural execution is essential as it gives one a clear-cut view of the actual structure. This design comprises of the right proportion and scale.



Most of these companies are easily accessible online, or via phones. Also, the services are offered at great prices.

Interior design companies in Dubai offer excellent quality work at prices that will definitely fit your pocket. They work with the clients to figure out what they want and as a team, turn their dreams into reality.

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CK Architecture is a renowned company providing consultancy regarding interior design companies in Dubai. We are trusted by thousands of people. To get a better idea of our work, visit our website:

Meet the kingpin of Interior Design in Dubai

We bring to you the acme of creativity.

Dubai, U.A.E

CK Architecture brings to you the top class facilities and services in interior design, Dubai. We believe in serving and satisfying our customers to the fullest. This is why we present to you a plethora of services like never before.

We know how important it is for a person to get his home or office renovated and decorated. The architecture and structure of the construction may speak about the riches of the house and the owner, but it is the interiors that reveal the lifestyle and comfort zones of the proprietor. This is where we come in. We bring you impeccable interior design services at lucrative costs.

What is in store for you?

  • Great innovative designs: With the expertise of our professionals, you will be assured of the best and the most innovative interior design, Dubai has seen till date. Our experts are always ready with out-of-the-box ideas that are sure to captivate you.
  • Personalized themes: CK Architecture offers you the chance to design your own place. Our interior design company in Dubai ensures that you are satisfied with the results. In fact, we believe in giving wings to the creativity of our customers. We just ensure a better flight.
  • Unbelievable prices: And you thought we would burn a hole in your pockets! We cater to your demands at very legitimate prices. We believe in customer satisfaction more than anything else.
  • Benefits of the latest technology: Our services come adorned with the advantages of the technology. We use only the high-end and up-to-date software to develop your projects in a better light.
  • Customer friendly ambience: Customers are our gods, and they are our priority. We believe in serving them, and fulfilling their desires. Thus, all our designs are tailored according to the needs and tastes of our clients.
  • A genuine company: We are a renowned company, and we enjoy a great reputation among the interior design companies in Dubai. Our customers are always left satisfied with our performance and each of their experiences with us turns out to be a pleasant one. We have a vast chain of clients, and this is what makes us the perfect pick for you.

Having known the perks that you get, it becomes almost irresistible not to choose our services.

What is it that is so diverse about us?

  • Well, first of all, we don’t impose our wishes on you unlike other interior design companies in Dubai. If you want a particular shade or certain furniture, we ensure the same rather than imposing our preferences on you.
  • We have tie-ups with various companies that provide the necessary materials at very cheap rate. This facility is something our is proud of. So any curtain or a sofa that you may require, are made available to you at the best rates and best quality.


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The talk of the town in interior design in Dubai

This article highlights that latest trends and fashions in interior design in Dubai and the various modish combos that can be implemented in buildings and houses.


Interior Design in Dubai

Unmatched development and advancement in a brief period time of time have empowered Dubai to turn into the travel and business centre point of Middle East. Amazing land advancements like Dubai Marina and Burj Khalifa, and structural marvels like Palm Islands have made it prevalent among sightseers, who affection investigating sublime spots. However, it is insufficient to just manufacture cement and glass structures. In case you happen to watch the private and business residences at any place on the globe you will find that each city has setup its norms to enhance insides of houses and business spaces to give agreeable interior to all. Temperature and climatic conditions enormously influence inside outline patterns of any city.

The Latest Trends

  • The shading of 2015 will be sensational and rich – marsala is the most recent pattern in home manner. This hot shade has been presented with its group of berry tones to give the choice of escalated and gentler tones. It can be combined with facilitating hues, for example, Guilford green, Portland dark, Chantilly trim and pink damask. Metallic completions are likewise assuming control.
  • We have been seeing these shades sparkle all through 2014, however, they will remain prominent in 2015. Interior Design Companies in Dubai will present 19th-century sculptural-style pieces that will help this rich tone to stay cool, hip and chic.
  • In 2015, clients can expect traditional plans with a cutting edge take, from smoky hues. For example, marsala, the shading of the year, to delicate tones, for example, powdered pinks, French dark, and sky soul. Clients can likewise expect the landing of two new accumulations in spring/summer 2015.
  • The main to-touch base in Dubai will incorporate handmade pieces enlivened by the 19th century, with hand-bothered completed pieces as a choice, and delightful outlines on upholstery pieces. The second gathering, landing in the mid year, will consolidate 21st-century and French-affected configuration.

The Ultimate

The greatest pattern figure for 2015 is the utilization of copper and metal completions. Fused into switch plates, handles, lights, taps and adornments, these lovely materials are both warm and exquisite, and add sparkle and profundity to a plan.

Architects in Dubai are planning to bring this combination into existence by implementing these in the upcoming structures. This combo joined with a midnight blue, will be the pervasive pattern over the upcoming year. On the off chance that dim blue is used, it gives astounding scenery to the smoothness and warmth of the metallic completions. Wooden ground surface has been prominent for some time now, however for a really contemporary feel; laying it in a herringbone is the ultimate example. This is a modern look that sits serenely in both customary and ultra-advanced insides.

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CK Architecture is one of the contemporary style companies that offer interior design in Dubai. We have a very wide range of clientele and chic styles that present us as one of the finest interior design companies in Dubai. For more information you can login to

Latest trends and fashions of interior design Dubai

CK Architecture brings you the ultimate architecture design experience

Enjoy the refined designs made just for you, according to your requirements, surpassing elegance to perfection. Get all your needs of architectural and/ or designing plans fulfilled and taken care of at CK Architecture.

We offer our clients with designs from the best Architects in Dubai. Among the variety of projects that CK Architecture has undertaken, the major work is in commercial space designing for corporate offices, hotel rooms & lobbies, themed restaurants, spas and many such other places. Our clients have always been satisfied with our services and to keep their efforts to the minimum, we also undertake construction for aforementioned commercial spaces for clients looking for design and build approach.

  • Our team strives for customer satisfaction

Our team of professional designers and architects have produced some of the most intricate yet modest Interior Designs in Dubai. Our team is very experienced and always puts the client’s need first. Our open and clear communication policy, not only in-house but also with the clients, has always resulted in complete satisfaction of the client’s needs.

  • Bringing to you an archetypal design process

We understand how important designing the space you have is to you; it is your space after all. It is very crucial to be in an environment that can not only keep you calm but also active. Our team of experts always take clients needs, concern and reviews with gravity. After gathering the clients initial requirements and the forecast for the space to be designed; the CK Architecture team reassesses the requirements and presents to the clients an abstract presentation of the idea with the market study for the feasibility and designing challenges in the contemporary market. The team also puts forward their ideas, alternatives and cost analysis to the client. This helps the clients make a well informed decision and choose the best course of action.

  • Clients before all

At CK Architecture, our clients always come first. Our team puts forward their plans to the client for review. Any and all of the clients review are taken into supreme consideration. And once the blueprints are agreed upon, CK Architecture assists their clients by being either the construction lead for the design and/ or build and/ or supervise; all in coherence to the clients’ requirement and structure. Lets us help you get to Dubai’s design map, and in the process grow your enterprise and augment personally as well.

Among the services offered at CK Architecture, to list out a few:

  • Interior design consultancy
  • Programming and space planning
  • Construction documents
  • Customised joinery work
  • MEP services (Mechanical, Electrical, and/ or Plumbing)
  • Detailing and Finishing

With CK Architecture, the leading Interior Design Companies in Dubai, you will never have to think about any of your architectural and designing concerns again.


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CK Architecture – a new rising star in interiors designing industry, Dubai

There are many greatly functioning interior designer companies in Dubai, but C K Architecture claims to specialize in craftsmanship and splendid architectural designing and interior decoration.The pioneer behind this new venture is a well renowned architect himself, Cem Kapancioglu, who has done some very creative and innovative architectural brilliance in the UAE after working in this sector for 7 years in some reputedcompany.

More information about C K Architecture

A large number of projetcs have already been undertaken by him especially in urban architecture planning in Dubai. There are many architecture firms in Dubai, but CK Architecture has the potential to stand out andcreate very impressive architectural designs. A large number of marvellous architectural structures like residential colonies, offices, firms, commercial buildings have been built by the company.The company was initially started on a small scale under the name of Cemsedign; later it became a brand calledC K Architecture after being an established foundation in Dubai. The company has a superb progression report and very soon it is going to be counted among one of the top interior design firms in Dubai.

There are four chief services provided by them. They are architectural design, interior design, total design solutions, architectural solutions, concept design and fit-out work. The company provides contemporary and unique designs, complex building constraints so that it complements with the design. The company has kept great track record and has always given an exceptional output.

CK Architecture is known to work to provide customer satisfaction. All the effort and hard work are definitely seen in the end product. The company is very punctual and believes in the value of time.Hence, they get the delivery done straight on time. The enterprise ensures that the investment of the client is directed well, giving them happy and contented returns. All the work is proceeded by excellent guidance and under very strict supervision of the professional architect and designers.

The company lives up to the anticipationsof all the clients.Hence, they are considered a brand thatcan be readily recommended for the services they offer. The company has proved its worth and hence ranked among one of the top interior designers inDubai. They have handled and executed quite a many projects like the DIA Holding,Agaoglu, Rixos, Turkish Airline Emirates, ATA Invest GCC, MIO Palazzo, etc. C K Architecture have always expanded with the variety of clients as they always let their work speak for them.

You can simply have a glance at theirportfolio to know more about C K Architecture.

The work portfolio is maintained quite well enlisting all the capabilities and work done so far.

More info can be found at

Address: Office 201, Deyar Building,

Next to Mall of the Emirates,

Al Barsha 1,

United Arab Emirates

P.O. Box 27138

Mob: +971(0)507458613

Tel: +971(0)43995153

Interior design- a rapidly rising industry in Dubai

Interior design is the process or art of creating the interior decoration of a room or a building. An interior designer is the one who coordinates and manages such projects. Interior design is a multifaceted profession which includes communicating with the stakeholders of a project, the management and execution of the design and conceptual development.

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Going backward, in old days interiors were put together instinctively as a part of the process of building. This profession has been a consequence of the development of society and the complex architecture which has resulted from the development of industrial processes. The pursuit of effective use of space, user well-being, and functional design has contributed to the development of the contemporary interior design profession. An expert interior designer is the one who creates interior spaces. The profession of interior designing is not clearly defined and projects undertaken by an interior designer can vary widely. Terms like decorator and designer are commonly used and are interchangeably. But there is a difference between the terms that relates to the level of education achieved, the scope of work performed and professional accreditation as an interior designer.

Specialties of Interior Design Companies in Dubai

  1. Residential

The residential design includes the interior design of private residences. As this type, design is very specific to individual situations; the requirements of the individual are paramount. The interior designers in Dubai work on the project from the initial planning stage or may work on the remodeling of an existing structure. It is, in general, a very engaging process that takes months to fine tune and design a space for the vision of the client.

  1. Commercial

Industrial design has a wide range of sub-specialties like the following

  • Retail: This includes department stores, visual merchandising, specialty stores, malls, shopping centers and showrooms.
  • Visual and Spatial Branding: It is the use of space as a media to express the Corporate Brand.
  • Corporate Offices: It is the office design for any kind of business like the banks.
  • Healthcare: It includes the design of assisted living facilities, hospitals, medical offices, psychiatric services, dentist offices, laboratories and medical specialist facilities.
  • Others

Other areas of specialization include museum and exhibition design, amusement and theme park design, interior and prop styling, event design, theatre and performance design, tablescape design, stage and set design, production design for film and television. Most of the Interior design companies are also specialized in gerontological design, healthcare design, educational facility design and other areas that require specific knowledge.

There are different other types of styles in interior designing in Dubai

  • Art Deco

Constructed in 1930, Terracotta Art Deco sunburst design was for the front doors of the Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles. The Art Deco style began in Europe in the early years of the twentieth century with the waning of Art Nouveau.

  • Arab Materials

“Majlis painting” which is also called Nagash Painting is the decoration of the majlis or front parlor of traditional Arabic homes in the Asir province of Saudi Arabia which adjoins parts of Yemen. These wall paintings are an arabesque form of mural or fresco, show various geometric designs in bright colors.

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CK Architecture Interiors has the potential of a Landscape into Architectural beauty. CK Architecture is known for its excellence in architecture and interior design in Dubai. They endorse and recommend for expertise in architecture and interior design services.



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